'Sixteen Candles' turns 30

The iconic film "Sixteen Candles" turns 30 this week. How well do you know the movie?

Can you believe it's been 30 years since the movie "Sixteen Candles" came out?

One of the seminal movies about high school from the '80s, "Sixteen Candles" jump-started Molly Ringwald's career, leading her to go on to star in other iconic films about high school.

Our current Head2Head champion is Korrie Whitmore, who is being challenged by paralegal Brian Foley.


1. Who directed the movie "Sixteen Candles?"

2. What was the name of Samantha's crush?

3. What event taking place the next day causes everyone to forget Sam's birthday?

4. What is the name of the foreign exchange student in the movie?

5. At the dance, what does Ted, aka "The Geek," ask to borrow from Sam?

6. What real life brother and sister actors appear in the movie?

7. What class does Sam share with her crush?

8. When Sam is told to make a wish at the end of the movie, what does she say?

9. What was the nickname given to the group of actors that includes Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Emilio Estevez and Anthony Michael Hall?

10. What film did Molly Ringwald star in a year after "Sixteen Candles"?


1. It's John Hughes.

2. Dreamy Jake Ryan.

3. Her sister's getting married.

4. Long Duck Dong

5. He wants her panties as part of a dare.

6. John and Joan Cusack

7. I'm sort of blanking on this.

8. Oh yeah, Jake says, "Make a wish," and she's like, "It already came true," while they're sitting on a table.

9. They're part of the Brat Pack.

10. It was either "Pretty in Pink" or "The Breakfast Club," and I'm gonna say the second one.


1. John Hughes

2. Jake something.

3. Doesn't her sister get married or something?

4. Long Duck Dong

5. Her underwear.

6. Both John Cusack and his sister, Joan, are in it.

7. I don't know, study hall?

8. OK. I don't know.

9. The Brat Pack

10. I'm thinking it was "The Breakfast Club."


Korrie makes it two in a row with her knowledge of "Sixteen Candles" and will return next week to face a new opponent along with a new topic.


1. John Hughes

2. Jake Ryan

3. Her older sister's wedding.

4. Long Duck Dong

5. Her underwear.

6. John and Joan Cusack

7. Independent study

8."It already came true."

9. The Brat Pack

10. "The Breakfast Club"