Seppy’s well on its way to becoming a premier hot dog spot

The Ole from Seppy’s Hotdogs.

Seppy’s Hotdogs almost seems like a throwback, evoking an enduring image of Americana: a colorful, seaside hot dog shack offering up classic eats. It’s a studied design, typified by Seppy’s nifty logo — a dachshund set in profile, enjoying a cool breeze provided from a retro tabletop fan.

A white-picket fence borders the outdoor — and only — seating area, which consists of three wooden tables, a few bright red rocking chairs and several red stools. Overhead, a red-and-white striped awning offers shade.

It’s an attractive space, priming Seppy’s for the approaching summer.

From its location next to House of Brews on Ben Sawyer Boulevard in Mount Pleasant, it’s just a short crawl to Sullivan’s Island. Heck, at Seppy’s, you can even order the island’s namesake Sullivans hot dog — secret sauce, onions and diced tomatoes — to take to the beach.

The choice is representative of Seppy’s, which mostly tends to the basics, at least more so than newer hot dog stands that might fancy exotic condiments or toppings.

Seppy’s Carolina dog contains mustard, chili and slaw; the All-American has mustard, chili and onions; and the German comes with yellow mustard and sauerkraut. All the specialty selections are priced at $3.49, and available in four varieties: all-beef, smoked sausage, vegetarian and turkey.

The buns are much appreciated: poppy seed for, say, the Chicago, or maybe a split-top for the German.

The Ole is worth your order, as the smoked sausage, mustard, salsa, bacon, onions and jalapenos present bold flavoring.

The signature Seppy hot dog is another to try, topped with made-from-scratch chili and caramelized onion spread.

Seppy’s has made no secret of its aim to become Mount Pleasant’s “premier” hot dog stand; just check the restaurant’s web site for proof. Already, the town is blessed with a strong stable of choices such as Johnny’s, Jack’s Cosmic Dogs and Skoogies. The “premier” label is difficult to assign, but allowing for time and tenure, Seppy’s can begin working its way into the conversation.