'Scrum & Shimsuda's Three Ring Circus' Local artists Matsuda, Webster and Shimko open exhibit at Michael Mitchell Gallery

Trever Webster's work will be part of the "Scrum & Shimsuda's Three Ring Circus" exhibit at Michael Mitchell Gallery.

Three of Charleston's favorite local artists are teaming together to bring you a mini, visual circus called "Scrum & Shimsuda's Three Ring Circus."

Hirona Matsuda, Trever Webster and Lisa Shimko are taking on the roles of fortune teller, ring master and beast tamer, respectively, and their art work will reflect these characters.

Matsuda's "Fortune Teller" works are miniature installations of found objects assembled together. In addition to these being visually interesting, they also each tell a story.

The "Ring Master," Trever Webster, is totally at home with this circus theme as many of his works are already centered around carnivals and roller coasters.

Shimko, as the "Beast Tamer," will showcase her surreal magic paintings that often depict animals as metaphors for human emotions and/or behaviors.

There will be an opening reception for "Scrum & Shimsuda's Three Ring Circus" 6-9 p.m. Friday at the Michael Mitchell Gallery, 438 King St.

Circus and masquerade attire is encouraged, but not required, at this free event, which is open to the public event. There will be live music from Nick Jenkins.

For more information, call the gallery at 564-0034.

Artist Hollis Hammonds has been in residency at the Redux Contemporary Art Center for a while now, and on Friday, her newest installation piece, "Worthless Matter," will be on display for the next month and a half.

Her site-specific works will be comprised of found objects and wood veneer.

Redux Executive Director Stacy Huggins has this to say about the artist and her work: "Exploring consumerist culture through evidence of accumulation, hoarding and collecting, piles of rubble permeate the works of Hollis Hammonds. Growing up in semi-rural Kentucky, the youngest child of Depression-era parents, her surroundings were those of cold war stockpiling, nick-knack collections and junk-yard recycling. After surviving a house fire in her teens, piles of burnt keepsakes created a lasting impression on her, of the impermanence and worthlessness of superficial possessions. Ranging from documentary studies of storms and storm damage, to elaborate drawings of trash heaps and landfills, to sculptural wall installations of crashing waves; her works often illustrate imaginary piles of debris left after fictional natural and man-made disasters. Post-apocalyptic in nature, her recent and past works deal with memory, material consumption, waste, catastrophe and superficial loss."

The artist will give a special Artist's Talk on Friday evening at 5. The talk is free and open to the public. Immediately following, there will be an opening reception from 6-8:30 p.m.

Redux is at 136 St. Philip St. For more info, call 722-0697 or go to www.reduxstudios.org.

Art Mecca of Charleston owners Kelly Wenner Grossman and Mackenzie King have announced that the gallery will host its first charity event Friday evening during the Upper King Street Shop and Stroll.

The gallery will be featuring four of their artists' works as part of a live auction, with the proceeds benefiting a nonprofit called Doors to Freedom.

Doors to Freedom was established "to provide a safe place for survivors of human trafficking to experience a transformed life," says Wenner.

The event will be taking place from 5-8 p.m. Friday at Art Mecca of Charleston, 427 King St.

For more, go to www.artmeccaof charleston.com.

Stand-up comic and improv star Lauren Hope Krass has decided to try her hand at performing in a one-woman musical called "Princess Charming."

She refers to the performance as a "dramedy," a drama-comedy. The one-act play also will have live singing and piano music.

Krass herself describes the show as this: " 'Princess Charming' is a one-woman musical that stars a fearless optimist who must come to terms with the fact that her Prince Charming might never find her. She must get her head out of the clouds or she could end up married to a bald video rental clerk unworthy of her compassion. This show is a bold spectacle of heart that is both hilarious and poignant."

The show debuts at 8 p.m. today, with one other showing at 10 p.m. Saturday. Both shows will be put on at Theatre 99 on Meeting Street.

Tickets can be purchased online at www.theatre99.com, or call the theatre at 853-6687.