Sandwich array reigns supreme at The Co-Op

The Mediterranean panini from The Co-Op on Sullivan’s Island.

Quite possibly, there might not be a better food than the sandwich.

In my mind, at least.

There are boundless options with the sandwich: two or more slices of bread, the ingredients or contents determined by one’s imagination.

Out on Sullivan’s Island, The Co-Op seems to be of similar opinion.

The sandwich counter is situated in the rear of the small market and deli, the meats and cheeses sliced and freshly prepared, the offerings wrapped in white butcher paper.

The place is blessed with a dizzying array of sandwiches, almost a full two dozen strong featuring the likes of tender roast beef, pastrami, pesto ham, salami, copious cheeses and an assortment of seasonal vegetables.

The basics are all here: the classic ham and Swiss ($7); the half-size Plain Co-Op ($3.50) made with honey ham or turkey breast and cheese; and a creamy, gooey PB&J with grape or strawberry jam ($3.50).

But of course, there’s more.

The Cro-Magnon ($8.75) represents a nice combination: cool roast beef and roasted red peppers set with cheese, crisp bacon strips and a mustard-mayo mix on a soft Kaiser roll.

The Mediterranean panini ($7.50) benefits from ham, Genoa and hard salamis, though the inclusion of pesto and artichoke hearts really helps to freshen the sandwich.

Other choices include house-made pimiento cheese ($7.50), chicken salad ($8), egg salad ($7), tuna salad ($7.50), Reuben variations ($7.50), roast beef and brie ($7.50), and a Cowboy chicken sandwich with crisp bacon, avocado and Ranch dressing.

The Co-Op also offers breakfast bagels, salads and several prepared items ($14-$15) that provide for two to three people, such as chicken tetrazzini, meat lasagna, chicken potpie and enchiladas.

Such provisions help strengthen The Co-Op spirit, as it seeks to offer nourishment for the neighborhood and beyond.