‘Rock Me Amadeus’

Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is shown in an undated photo.

We’re continuing with the trivia theme of famous January birthdays.

Having already celebrated Elvis Presley and Benjamin Franklin, this week’s birthday boy is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was born on Jan. 27.

Our current Head2Head trivia champion is Fred Porter, and his challenger this week is David Thorpe, who works as a bartender.

1. Where was Mozart born?

2. Which major composer of the piece “Water Music” died three years after Mozart was born?

3. Mozart wrote the most concertos for which instrument?

4. Which earlier composer was a huge influence on Mozart, particularly regarding his symphonies?

5. Which opera was written first, “The Marriage of Figaro” or “Don Giovanni”?

6. What 1984 film by Milos Forman won eight Academy Awards, including best Best Picture?

7. At the time of his death, which work of Mozart’s was left unfinished?

8. One of Mozart’s serenades ends in a Turkish rondo. Which jazz musician paid homage the composer with his piece “Blue Rondo a la Turk”?

9. What was the song by 1980’s one-hit wonder Falco?

10. What is a mozartkugeln?

1. Munich

2. Bach

3. The violin.

4. Beethoven

5. “The Marriage of Figaro”

6. That would be “Amadeus,” which is an excellent movie.

7. One of his operas.

8. Dave Brubeck from the album “Time Out.”

9. Was it called “Night Music”?

10. An avenue.

1. It’s somewhere in Austria. Salzburg?

2. Beethoven

3. Piano. Is that too obvious?

4. Let’s say Bach.

5. First one.

6. Obviously something about Mozart, but I don’t know what.

7. A symphony.

8. Miles Davis

9. Dude, these questions are hard.

10. A kind of bread?

We have a new Head2Head trivia champ this week, and no one was more surprised than the champ himself. Edging out the previous winner by a single correct answer, David takes the title and will face a new challenger next week. All he asks is, “Please, no more Mozart!” We can do that.

1. Salzburg, Austria

2. George Frideric Handel

3. Piano

4. Johann Christian Bach

5. “The Marriage of Figaro”

6. “Amadeus”

7. Requiem

8. Dave Brubeck

9. “Rock Me Amadeus”

10. Candy