Raising a glass to Cinco de Mayo, Mexico

Mariachi music and sombreros are an essential part to any Cinco de Mayo celebration.

St. Patrick’s Day has had a long run as the holiday people love to celebrate, but in recent years, Cinco de Mayo has been giving it a run for its money. But what is Cinco de Mayo and what does it commemorate?

Head2Head figures if you’re going to raise a glass, you probably should know what you’re toasting. So in preparation of the festival on Saturday, we bring you a mix of Cinco de Mayo and general Mexican trivia. Last week’s winner, Lizzie Grant, is being challenged by Mark Lovett.

QUESTIONS 1. What does Cinco de Mayo mean?

2. What does Cinco de Mayo commemorate?

3. In the United States, what state celebrated the first Cinco de Mayo in 1967?

4. The Mexican Hat Dance, mariachi music and sombreros are supposed to have originated in what Mexican city?

5. The Aztec city of Tenochtitlan is now known as what?

6. Who did Mexico win independence from?

7. Who won the Battle of the Alamo?

8. Who was Montezuma? 9. When this film was released in Mexico, it was renamed “The Rebel Novice Nun.” What’s the movie?

10. Name one of two countries that borders Mexico to the southeast.

LIZZIE’S ANSWERS 1. It’s the date May 5 in Spanish.

2. Mexican Independence? 3. New Mexico

4. Cabo 5. Mexico City 6. I think it was probably Spain.

7. Texas maybe? I don’t know. 8. Some sort of Mayan god.

9. Oh, is it the one with Whoopi Goldberg?

10. Honduras MARK’S ANSWERS 1. May 5

2. Independence day 3. California

4. Don’t know. 5. Mexico City 6. Spain

7. Mexico 8. Not sure if he was Aztec or Mayan.

9. Just a guess, but “The Sound of Music?”

10. Belize CONCLUSION Well this week’s Head2Head trivia on Cinco de Mayo/Mexican history wasn’t even close. It’s possible Lizzie’s brain was fried from studying for finals, but the result is a new trivia champ. Mark will be back next week to defend his title. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

CORRECT ANSWERS 1. May 5 2. Victory in the Battle of Puebla in 1862 against the French.

3. California 4. Guadalajara 5. Mexico City

6. Spain 7. Mexico 8. Ruler of the Aztecs

9. “The Sound of Music” 10. Belize and Guatemala