Quisqueya has a hidden gem of a deli in the back

Horseradish roast beef sandwich from Quisqueya.

Park Circle offers a splendid collection of restaurants, including Cork, EVO, Fratello’s, Idle Hour, Johnny’s, and Sesame Burgers and Beer.

On your next visit, think about widening your reach to include Quisqueya Deli. The sandwiches demand your consideration.

True, Quisqueya features groceries and choice Hispanic products, but the back of the shop reveals the true find: a counter-service delicatessen, which cuts and creates a heady collection of sandwiches.

The deli maintains a stable of classic Boar’s Head cold cuts — roast beef, ham, turkey, pastrami, bologna and spiced ham — all carved into portions on the meat slicer.

The same goes for the cheese, tomato and onion, chopped and served with each order.

And these are good, quite good, flecked with salt and pepper, or slathered in mustard or even horseradish sour cream.

Presiding on 8-inch white or wheat sub rolls, the simple menu is as unfussy as it gets.

Among the choices: pastrami and cheese, roast beef and cheddar, ham and cheese, American sub (ham, turkey, roast beef and American cheese), turkey and provolone, and horseradish roast beef.

The price is also a tremendously comfortable $4.75 per sandwich.

These are quality builds, as well, with the meats and extras spilling from the rolls, all tidily wrapped in aluminum foil.

Breakfast brings much of the same: combo bologna, bacon, chicken or spiced ham and egg sandwiches, plus cheese, and all for a reasonable price, as they run about $2.50 to $3.25.

Also remember, there’s no seating, and Quisqueya takes only cash. No credit cards are accepted. But with prices this inexpensive and sandwiches this fine, it should be easy to scrounge up the loot.