Music Scene: Curren$y, Aer


Louisiana-based rapper Curren$y always seemed a little ahead of his time.

Matching well-read lyrics with an understated delivery and rhythm, Curren$y has set himself apart from the pack of New Orleans rappers in recent years. But the emergence has been long fought and complicated, lingering for more than a decade and twisting through multiple label contracts and fallouts.

After a few years on the New Orleans circuit, Curren$y first surfaced in 2002 as a member of Master P’s 504 Boyz, serving as a featured artist on several tracks with Master P, C-Murder and Soulja Slim but never releasing an album of his own.

He joined Birdman and Slim’s Cash Money Records, in conjunction with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment, in 2004. Again, he would be used as a featured artist, this time on Lil Wayne’s “Dedication 2” and “Tha Carter II.”

The label released a mixtape in 2004 and a single, “Where da Cash At,” in 2006. A second mixtape was released in 2007, but all of Curren$y’s other projects were shelved, prompting him to leave the label that year.

Things began looking up in 2009 when the young rapper released his digital-only debut, “This Ain’t No Mixtape,” through Amalgam Digital.

But the road to stardom again began to wash out after Curren$y signed with Damon Dash’s DD172 imprint, which was distributed by Def Jam, in 2010 and released “Pilot Talk” and “Pilot Talk II” the same year.

After a disagreement over distribution rights, Curren$y sued Dash for allegedly illegally releasing his albums and misappropriating the profits.

Curren$y carried on the way he had his entire career, releasing three albums in two years and joining the ranks of the latest hip-hop all-stars.

Today, he is being regarded as one of the pioneers of the modern-day wave of smarter, smoother hip-hop alongside such well-known rappers as Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Wale, Yelawolf and Kendrick Lamar, among others.

Curren$y will perform Thursday at the Music Farm, 32 Ann St. Tickets are $35 in advance, $50 VIP and are available online at or at the Music Farm box office. Doors open at 8:30 p.m.

Go to or call 577-6989.

Probably the last place you would expect to hear the beginnings of a new music sensation is on the front porch of a Massachusetts frat house, coming from the mouths of a couple of college bros sporting the latest Air Flights and clean cuts. But then again, the last place you would expect to look is often where you find the biggest surprises.

Such a fortune cookie statement holds true for Boston-based duo Fresh Aer Movement, or simply Aer.

Equal parts MCs and acoustic singers, David von Mering and Carter Schultz released their debut mixtape, “The Reach,” last year, an online introduction to audiences that already has garnered 100,000 downloads.

The pair played off the mixtape’s success by releasing its debut EP, “What You Need,” in October of the same year.

The EP quickly became the No. 1 album on the iTunes hip-hop charts, eventually climbing into the top 10 on the iTunes overall album charts.

The duo’s full-length debut, “The Bright Side,” was released in July, climbing in popularity on the heels of the group’s well-received singles, “Like the Way” and “Floats My Boat.”

To date, Aer has grown its following after performances alongside Mac Miller, Shwayze, Cisco Adler and others.

Aer will perform Oct. 3 with Yonas at the Music Farm, 32 Ann St. Tickets are $12 in advance, $14 the day of the show and are available at the door or online at

Go to or call 577-6989.