Mother knows best

One of the most famous "mothers" of the 20th century, Mother Teresa (right) talks with patients coming to the mobile leprosy clinic at Dhapa outside Calcutta, India, in this 1960's photo.

One of Hallmark's biggest holidays is Sunday: Mother's Day.

The day offers you the chance to tell your mom, wife, etc. how much you appreciate her, though you should do it more than one day a year.

In honor of the holiday, this week's theme is all things mom.

Our current champ, Allie Geary, is being challenged this week by Korrie Whitmore, who's working in Charleston during her summer break.

1. Known as the mother of radioactivity, who was the first female professor at the Sorbonne and the only woman to win two Nobel prizes?

2. A founder of the International Workers of the World, she worked tirelessly for mine workers and fought against child labor. Who was she?

3. Monkee Mike Nesmith's mother sold the rights to her invention to Gillette for $47.5 million dollars in 1979. What did she invent?

4. What mother "... went to the cupboard to give the poor dog a bone. When she came there, the cupboard was bare, and so the poor dog had none"?

5. Who played Richie Cunningham's mother on the TV show "Happy Days"?

6. Born Anna Mary Robertson, who took up painting in her 70s and became a renowned American folk artist?

7. What famous medieval queen was the mother of two kings, Richard the Lionhearted and King John?

8. Who was known as the mother of modern dance?

9. Thanks to her tireless work for Calcutta's poor, who was one of the most famous "mothers" of the 20th century?

10. Given the name Gaea in 7th century B.C. by the poet Hesiod, who was believed to have given birth to the sky, sea and mountains?

1. Marie Curie

2. I honestly have no idea. Is that bad?

3. I'm going with disposable razors.

4. Is it the woman who lived in the shoe?

5. Her name was Marion something.

6. Mary Cassatt

7. Maybe if I say Queen Katherine I'll get lucky because I feel like there were a lot of medieval Katherines.

8. I'm going with Martha Graham.

9. Mother Teresa

10. Not good at mythology so I don't even have a guess.

1. This sounds like Marie Curie.

2. Susan B. Anthony

3. Weird, but was it shave gel?

4. Mother Hubbard

5. Mrs. C! Wasn't her name Marion Ross?

6. Glad I took an art history class last semester, which is how I know this is Grandma Moses.

7. And the wife of two kings: Eleanor of Aquitaine.

8. The only name that's coming to mind is Twyla Tharp.

9. It's Mother Teresa.

10. I want to say the Earth.

Allie falls to our new champ, Korrie, who will return next week to try to make it two in a row.

1. Marie Curie

2. Mary Harris "Mother" Jones

3. Liquid paper

4. Old Mother Hubbard

5. Marion Ross

6. Grandma Moses

7. Eleanor of Aquitaine

8. Isadora Duncan

9. Mother Teresa

10. Mother Earth