Joey Bag a Donuts a top-notch sweets shop

A box of doughnuts from Joey Bag a Donuts.

It’s not just a burrito at Moe’s Southwest Grill. Or slang for a pudgy Northerner. Or even a takeoff from a pop culture reference a la “My Cousin Vinny.”

Nope, Joey Bag a Donuts is a top-notch bagels and sweets shop, serving up a slate of terrific fried dough confections in Mount Pleasant.

It’s the type of place that literally requests kids and parents to show up on the weekends in their PJs, which is a pretty darn welcoming gesture.

In fact, the only thing better than Joey Bag a Donuts is maybe a box of doughnuts from Joey Bag a Donuts.

Pick a flavor, any flavor, from A (apple fritter) to Y (Ying Yang). In between, there’s glazed (naturally), Reese’s, S’Mores, maple bar, blueberry, red velvet, peanut butter fluff, chocolate cake, cinnamon sugar twist and several other flavors.

The small shop aims to evoke nostalgia. Family photos line the walls, and servers wearing black fedoras cheerfully fill orders.

It’s fun to marvel at the kids hovering near the display glass, their noses pressed to it as they try to pick their favorites.

But it’s more fun to try them yourself, as Joey’s doughnuts are expertly done, each sweet with a crispy exterior and downy filling.

But perhaps better than a box of doughnuts? A freshly made breakfast bagel oozing cheddar cheese, topped with a hash brown patty. As a base, choose from multigrain, cinnamon raisin, sundried tomato and pumpernickel bagels (among others), or bialy and French toast.

Plus, the bakery also offers several coffees, lattes and frappes, and killer homemade Stromboli and pepperoni breads.

Fat or not, slang or not, Joey Bag a Donuts is admirable all the same.