JGJ’s French dip a good gamble

JGJ’s French dip sandwich

One of my dining companions called the sandwich the best thing that ever happened to his mouth.

Hyperbole? Maybe. But he was being serious. And it is a darn good sandwich: the French dip, courtesy of JGJ’s in North Charleston.

Credit goes to chef Kevin Ryan, whom some may well remember from his days over at Palmetto Pub & Brew House on Ashley Phosphate Road in North Charleston.

Just how well? Well enough that my buddy, the one with the talent for soundbites, tracked him down and cajoled me into coming along for lunch.

Served alongside an addictive au jus, the roast beef is hand-shaved, dressed in melted provolone cheese and swathed inside a buttered-up, golden-brown hoagie roll. Yep, every bite is as awesome as it sounds.

Open since November, the food-billiards-spirits shop fashions a menu chock-full of similar pub classics: wings; burgers on toasted, bakery fresh buns; big, two-fisted sandwiches; and blue-plate specials ($7.50).

Monday offers a hand-pattied hamburger steak smothered in grilled onions. There’s grilled or fried boneless pork chops on Tuesday, while country fried steak, roast beef in gravy, and fried fish or fried shrimp fill out the remainder of the week.

This is a “bar” bar, mind you. No $10 habanero- or house-infused, muddled or otherwise finished cocktails make up the menu. Instead, you can grab a pack of Marlboro Lights or Newport Menthols for $7 (smoking is allowed here), and a Jager bomb goes for $6.50 all day.

So nothing fancy, unless you count JGJ’s highfalutin French dip, the sky-high double-decker sandwiches and those griddle-top burgers. And boy, do I ever.