Italian, Mexican mix at Amadeo’s


Amadeo’s Cucina is part of the Food Lion shopping center in Goose Creek, just a stone’s throw from the No. 1 Kitchen and Henry Smith Carry Out & Catering.

It’s a large space, being the former landing spot of the Amazon Brazilian Grill & Buffet. Booths line much of the restaurant, the walls set in shades of green, as a reproduction of the Mona Lisa enjoys prime space above one of the tables.

But gone alongside the Amazon is the rotisserie-style grill and emphasis on meats. In its place, a menu centered on chicken and veal pastas; seafood specialties such as clams, mussels, calamari and shrimp; calzones and made-from-scratch pizza.

Speaking of which, the slices benefit from soft, chewy, stretchy dough, resulting in a thin, tastefully done pie.

Other specialties such as pan-seared grouper, roasted racks of lamb and carbonara also fit accordingly on the menu.

But you could consider the ristorante a “restaurante,” too, as the kitchen whips up an assortment of tacos, sopas, tortas, fajitas, burritos and meat, seafood or surf-n-turf alambres.

Indeed, the menu features a laminated, pull-out page touting Amadeo’s authentic Mexican food.

We tried four of the tacos — steak, pork, chicken and fried pork — which were accompanied by three squirt bottles with different sauces. All were dressed with cilantro and onions in soft, charred tortilla shells, sliced limes on the side.

Only they tasted dry, the meat cooked well, the moisture lacking. The fried pork likely fared best, a bit chewy and flavorful, the texture better than it sounds, though somewhat akin to dried sausage or beef links.