It’s all Greek to me

Gerard Butler stars as King Leonidas in “300.” And, yes, there is a question pertaining to this; we didn’t put in this photo just for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, check out the Charleston Greek Festival downtown. It runs Friday-Sunday and will feature delicious Greek food, traditional folk dances and festive music. In that vein, this week’s trivia is about all things Greek. Last week’s winner, Mark Lovett, is going up against mom of two Stacey Akkerman.

QUESTIONS 1. What is the largest island in Greece?

2. What Greek writer is considered to be the “father of history?”

3. Which war between Athens and a league led by Sparta heralded the end of the Golden Age of Greece?

4. Name the British poet who fought during the Greek War for Independence and is considered a national hero.

5. Who was the first ruler to put his own face on Greek coins?

6. What is the highest point in Greece?

7. What was Greece’s currency called before it was replaced with the Euro?

8. Which Greek island was once the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?

9. The movie “300” with Gerard Butler was a retelling of what famous battle?

10. The Greek government in recent years has put pressure on the British Museum to return what stone objects?

MARK’S ANSWERS 1. Crete 2. Homer?

3. Don’t know. 4. Wordsworth 5. Zeus. Not really.

6. Mount Olympus 7. Wasn’t it the drachma?

8. Santorini 9. I can’t remember the name.

10. Rosetta stone STACEY’S ANSWERS

1. Corfu? 2. Herodotus. I know that from watching “The English Patient.”

3. I can’t remember. 4. Lord Byron

5. Not sure who this is. 6. Is it Mount Olympus?

7. I feel like it’s on the tip of my tongue.

8. Is it Mykonos? 9. The Battle of Thermopylae. Don’t ask me to spell that.

10. It’s the Elgin Marbles, but they’re also called the Parthenon Marbles.

CONCLUSION Mark’s brief reign as Head2Head Trivia champ is over as Stacey takes over, and we’ll see her again next week. For more on the Greek Fest, check out Pages 18 and 19.

CORRECT ANSWERS 1. Crete 2. Herodotus

3. Peloponnesian War 4. Lord Byron

5. Alexander the Great 6. Mount Olympus

7. Drachma 8. Rhodes 9. Battle of Thermopylae

10. The Elgin Marbles