Food fans should have an easy time with this one

The sign gives it away, so if you get question No. 2 wrong, you should just give up now.

As we’re in the middle of Charleston Restaurant Week, we figured now would be a good time to focus on food.

Restaurant Week is always a great opportunity to try a new place or eat at an old favorite. You have until Sunday to take advantage of the deals offered by numerous local restaurants.

Current Head2Head champ John Campbell is being challenged by florist Meg Lawrence.


1. In Newsweek’s recent issue about the best restaurants in America, what two restaurants from Charleston made the list?

2. What does SNOB stand for?

3. Name the restaurant whose name is a type of apple.

4. REV Food is a Charleston Restaurant Group that runs several local places to eat. Name one.

5. What does La Fourchette mean in French?

6. Name the gourmet market on George Street.

7. This plantation’s restaurant is participating in Charleston Restaurant Week and is home to the oldest landscaped gardens in the United States.

8. Fast & French is the local name of what downtown restaurant?

9. What relatively new restaurant is near a corner of Cannon and King streets?

10. What restaurant takes its name from Blackbeard’s pirate ship?


1. McCrady’s and Hominy

2. Slightly North of Broad

3. Can’t think of it.

4. Maybe Poe’s.

5. A fork.

6. Don’t know it.

7. Cypress Gardens

8. Thought it was just Fast & French.

9. Don’t know it.

10. Queen Anne’s Revenge


1. I didn’t see the article, but I’d guess Husk and FIG.

2. Slightly North of Broad

3. The Macintosh. I’ve been meaning to go there.

4. Taco Boy is one.

5. Fork

6. Oh, a favorite of mine. Caviar & Bananas.

7. Is it Middleton Place with the gardens?

8. I’m not sure I’m pronouncing it right, Gaulart & Maliclet. ... That’s probably why people call it by the other name.

9. Is it The Grocery? I’ve been wanting to go there, too.

10. I don’t know why I’m blanking on this. I feel sure I should know the name.


John put up a good fight to defend his title, but Meg, who was close to having a perfect score, managed to best her opponent, taking the Head2Head trivia title. We’ll see her again next week.

While not all of the restaurants in this quiz are participating in Charleston Restaurant Week, you can find a complete list and additional information at


1. Husk and McCrady’s

2. Slightly North of Broad

3. The Macintosh

4. Taco Boy, Closed for Business, Monza, Poe’s, The Royal American

5. Fork

6. Caviar & Bananas

7. Middleton Place

8. Gaulart & Maliclet

9. The Grocery

10. Queen Anne’s Revenge