Food cart all about cheese

Food cart all about cheese

Cory’s Grilled Cheese is a food cart making the rounds on the peninsula and James Island.

Recently, Saveur magazine published a nifty piece about food carts in Portland, Ore., and how the mobile dining trend has helped redefine the culinary tract of the city.

Here in Charleston, we’re blessed with a convoy of food trucks. But food carts?

That wave might just be on the horizon. And once it arrives, we can mark down Cory’s Grilled Cheese as one of the progenitors.

The food cart delivers a gooey, cheesy fix downtown and on James Island.

During lunch, you can find him at the corner of George and Glebe streets on Monday and Thursday. For late nights, venture over to King and Spring streets. But really, it’s best just to check Cory’s Twitter or Facebook pages for current times and locations.

Cory’s cart is outfitted with a griddle and fryer, and of course cheese, lots of cheese.

Choose from American, cheddar, fontina, jack, pimiento, mozzarella, Muenster, provolone, brie, Swiss and goat varieties.

The sandwiches are fashioned from several breads, too: white, multigrain, sour dough, gluten-free and cinnamon-raisin swirl.

Mix and match as you will. One choice of bread and cheese costs $4.

Otherwise, items include Cory’s Famous Grilled Cheese ($4.50), which consists of Muenster cheese, crispy bacon and honey mustard on cinnamon-raisin swirl and the Deluxe Grilled Cheese ($5) with bacon and tomato.

The menu also features a weekly special, an alternating dessert sandwich and some golden-brown fries that show off the same cut as McDonald’s. And I swear to goodness, if they were cooked just a little longer they’d taste like them, too.

On the sandwiches, you also can pile on the extras: avocado, fried onions, nutella, jams/jellies, etc., but sometimes it’s difficult to taste the add-ons.

This is the reign of cheese, and buttered-up, crisped-up bread. And that, my friends, is plenty.

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