Find familiar offerings at Charleston Pizza Co.

The Supreme pizza from Charleston Pizza Co.

The color alone is enough to attract curiosity. Ah, such is lime green and its place on the color wheel.

And such is Charleston Pizza Co., the lime green building peeking from Ashley Avenue and the Crosstown.

It had an abbreviated opening run as a barbecue shop named Porky’s, but owner Brian Wolter rechristened it as the Charleston Pizza Co. back in December.

No seats here, only takeout. If nothing else, the establishment offers an unusual vantage point as traffic zips by on the Crosstown.

Since Wolter also owns the downtown pizza parlor Gilroy’s, many of the combinations and ingredients might seem familiar. Only the offerings have assumed new titles.

What Gilroy’s calls the Pepperoni Powerhouse (double pepperoni, double cheese) takes the sobriquet Ultimate Pepperoni at Charleston Pizza Co.

Gilroy’s Hawaiian pizza — ham, pineapple and extra cheese — is known as the Honolulu at Charleston Pizza Co.

As for the Bacon Double Cheeseburger pizza at Gilroy’s, a mix of bacon, ground beef and double layers of cheese, it’s called the Bacon Double Burger at Charleston Pizza Co.

And so on. You get the point. The dough, or application of, differs here at least. It’s thin, super-thin actually, but not necessarily crispy. Though it’s not bad, and it’s certainly affordable and filling.

Grab a 10-inch cheese for $6, 12-inch medium for $8 and $14-inch large for $10. Specialties run $9-$15.

As favorites go, we might choose the Southern Smoker, a fine combo of chicken, crunchy bacon, cheddar cheese and onions baked onto a base of barbecue sauce.

You also can pick and mix from other ingredients such as ricotta, roasted red peppers, garlic, basil and the usual suspects.

Besides pizza, Charleston Pizza Co. offers a few other items: wings, garlic bread, hand-cut fries and Philly and chicken cheesesteaks.