Film documents life in a pack

“The Wolfpack” follows a shuttered family in New York City as the children escape their confines through films.

Kids often ponder the scenario of being stranded on a desert island, asking each other questions about what they would bring with them or how they would pass the time. With age, many in the developed world realize the likelihood of that fate is pretty slim. But the essential question of how humans handle isolation remains an intriguing concept to our culture, especially in the era of constant connection. And that’s the lens director Crystal Moselle uses for “The Wolfpack,” a documentary about the seven children of the Angulo family who were kept confined and locked away in an apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan for 14 years. Although they were well-educated by their mother, who was also forbidden from leaving the home by their father, the Angulo children had little contact with the outside world other than through films. With a stirring recount of the family’s experiences and home videos, “The Wolfpack” explores how Hollywood shaped their world views, and how their dynamic altered when one of the children escapes. The film, which won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, will debut at the Terrace Theater this weekend.

When: Friday

Where: Terrace Theatre, 1956 Maybank Highway, Charleston

Price: $10, $8 for students and military, $7.50 for seniors or matinee shows

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