Feline fever hits Head2Head Trivia

How well do you know your cat trivia?

Who knew Howard Stern’s wife was such a cat enthusiast?

We didn’t until we saw her children’s book “Yoda: The Story of a Cat and His Kittens,” which led us to her Instagram account where we spent way too much time scrolling through the entertaining photos of all the kittens she fosters.

Well, after that, there could only be one topic for trivia this week.

Our current Head2Head champ, Brandon Silva, will face off this week with Laura French, who works in medical records.

1. What is the term for a group of cats?

2. Which can’t cats taste: Sweet, sour or bitter?

3. In ancient Egypt, what was the punishment for killing a cat?

4. Which of the following is not a cat breed: Balinese, Birman, Beauceron or Burmilla?

5. What is the name for cats who have extra toes (like the ones made famous by Ernest Hemingway)?

6. How many teeth does an adult cat have?

7. Among mammals, what do cats have the largest of in proportion to their body size?

8. How do cats perspire?

9. What famous astronomer supposedly invented the cat door?

10. What sense is the majority of blue-eyed, white cats born without?

1. Something weird like a brace.

2. Sour

3. Man, they’d kill you. Ancient Egyptians didn’t mess around when it came to cats.

4. Burmilla

5. Polydactyl

6. 20

7. It’s definitely eyes.

8. Their whiskers.

9. Copernicus

10. They’re blind.

1. Isn’t it a kindle? Or maybe that’s the one for kittens.

2. Sweet

3. Death

4. I’m not sure, but maybe Burmilla?

5. I’ve seen those cats of Hemingway’s in Key West! Polydactyl is the answer.

6. I think it’s less than dogs. 36.

7. Maybe their eyes so they can see in the dark for hunting.

8. The pads of their feet.

9. An astronomer? Really? Then I guess it could be Sir Isaac Newton.

10. They’re born deaf.

Well that makes three weeks with a new Head2Head trivia champion. Is this a new trend or can Laura add a second win? Stay tuned!

1. Clowder

2. Sweet

3. Death

4. Beauceron

5. Polydactyl cats

6. 30

7. Eyes

8. Through their paws

9. Sir Isaac Newton

10. Hearing