Fashion Group International brings to Charleston the trends coming out of Paris, Milan, London and New York with its Best of Fall/Winter 2012 International Collections video presentation, edited by fashion journalist and FGI Creative Director MaryLou Luther on Thursday at The Hippodrome.

After an opening reception and cocktail hour, FGI will present its recap of the most exciting trends of the most recent fashion season, then host a panel discussion and a question-and-answer session with some of the industry’s top talent.

The panel will include Karen Giberson, president of The Accessories Council; Edward Cortese, fashion manager of Departures Magazine; Cator Sparks, editor of and columnist for Huffington Post; and Charleston’s own Stacy Smallwood, owner of Hampden Clothing.

In a conversation with Charleston Scene, Rosanna Krekel, regional director of FGI of Charleston, spoke about her desire to make Charleston a fashion capital and expose the rest of the world to the homegrown talent that is here, as well as bringing in outside talent to expose Charleston to the rest of the fashion world.

“The city of Charleston is the perfect mix of Old World beauty with great history, design and talent in all areas of fashion — from apparel to retail to beauty, accessories and interiors,” Krekel said. “Our city belongs on the map with all of the great fashion and design capitals around the world for the unique strengths and people it offers.”

Those who attend tonight will hear about the top upcoming trends, how to wear them, and how magazines and other media will interpret them.

It will be an opportunity for guests to meet and ask questions of the people who work and run the fashion cycle on a daily basis.

“One of the ways Fashion Group International of Charleston continues to spotlight the fashion businesses in Charleston is by hosting these unique events and creating a dialog with industry experts from all over the world. These experts discuss the key issues facing both the trade and consumers,” Krekel said.

This is the second year FGI of Charleston is hosting this event, and it will follow, as the industry does, in the fall with the Best of Spring/Summer 2013.