Fascinating Folly facts

Jack Upton

Many people would probably agree that one of the best things about living in Charleston is the close proximity to the beach.

Most of us have a favorite, and Folly Beach is definitely one of the most popular ones as anyone who’s tried to find parking on a hot summer afternoon can attest.

But what do you really know about Folly Beach?

Take this week’s trivia to find out. Our contestants are Jack Upton, the current Head2Head trivia champ, and Kevin Dillard who used to live in Charleston but moved to Atlanta two years ago.


1. What is Folly Beach’s nickname?

2. Folly Beach has several surf spots, but which one is the best known?

3. What item on the way to Folly gets spray painted with messages all the time?

4. What is the name of the lighthouse at the end of Folly Beach?

5. What is the name of the surf competition held at Folly every summer?

6. What kind of animal made the news last May when it swam up onto the beach?

7. People are urged to turn off their lights at night to protect what type of animal on the beach?

8. What is the main road called that goes past the shops and restaurants on Folly Beach?

9. What island is to the south of Folly Beach?

10. The fishing pier at Folly was built in 1995. How many previous piers have there been?


1. The Edge of America.

2. The best known is probably the Washout.

3. Oh yeah, there’s that upside down boat that’s always painted.

4. The Morris Light.

5. The Folly Beach Surf Invitational.

6. An alligator.

7. A turtle.

8. I’ve driven down it so many times but don’t know what the street’s called.

9. Probably Kiawah.

10. Zero. This is a trick question.


1. Well there’s that sign that says Edge of America?

2. The Washout.

3. The boat right off Folly Road.

4. Morris Lighthouse.

5. I know there’s one but don’t know the name.

6. A gator that got shot. It made the news where I live.

7. Turtles.

8. Folly Road.

9. Seabrook.

10. Don’t know. Two?


Upton and Dillard had pretty impressive knowledge about Folly Beach with the result ending in a tie. Both contestants will return next week to battle it out in a tie-breaker to see who will be the next Head2Head Trivia Champion.


1. Edge of America

2. The Washout

3. Folly Boat

4. Morris Island Lighthouse

5. Wahine Classic

6. Alligator

7. Turtle

8. Center Street

9. Kiawah

10. Two