ET Anderson

ET Anderson will perform at the Royal American on Monday.

ET Anderson is a rock group based in Columbia that often shares stages with many of Charleston’s indie bands, mostly because of its ties to the local label Hearts & Plugs.

The group, Wilson Wilson and Alex McCollum on guitar and vocals, made its debut with “Et, Tu?” about a year ago and recently finished recording the follow-up album, “ET2.”

To celebrate the new release, the band will headline the Royal American at 970 Morrison Drive on Monday with Zack Mexico and Triathalon. Band leader Tyler Morris spoke with the Charleston Scene this week about the new music.

Q: Where did ET Anderson record the latest album?

A: This album was recorded by myself, Wilson W. Wilson and (Ryan) “Wolfgang” Zimmerman in a closet with a couple of wax cylinders and some contact microphones. The results exceeded our expectations.

The album took one month to write and three days to record.

Q: Do you feel like your sound has evolved since your debut album was released last year?

A: We’re kind (of) in that middle part, like where the monkey is hunched over but is beginning to look like a man.

Our live show definitely is a more amplified and energetic take on the recorded songs. They all have their own spin and that’s something that’s happened over the past year of playing together constantly. Songs can only grow, sometimes.

Q: Is there a recurring theme or style you hope audiences pick up on with “ET2?”

A: It’s more personal than the first album. Also, it was written as whole in a way that it is supposed to flow together as a collection of songs. Not to say it’s my “Dark Side of the Moon.” That’s next.

Q: What’s your favorite song or moment on the album?

A: I enjoy them all, though I do enjoy the track, “Never Be Alone,” because it features Perrin Skinner (of the Prairie Willows) and Alexandria Jones singing. They elevated the song to a place I definitely didn’t think possible. It was fun working with the both of them. Perrin also sings on the first track, as well. Those songs wouldn’t exist on the album without her and I’m very honored for her to have been apart of this.

Q: So what’s next for ET Anderson?

A: We are doing a small tour with our friends, Zack Mexico. They are also releasing a new album, “Get Rich and Live Forever.” It follows their last release, “Run Out of Money and Die.”

I’m also going to begin working on another album as soon as I get back. I’m looking forward to more collaborative experiments for the next disc. ... As much I love being able to write and record these albums alone, nothing comes close to the magic of other souls and spirits being mixed together musically.

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