Earn your degree in college trivia

A sign is posted at the main entrance of Randolph Hall on the College of Charleston campus during filming of "The Patriot."

Every year the time seems to fly by even swifter than the year before, particularly the summer months. It seems as though school just got out, yet a new academic year has already started for many.

Last week's upset winner, Josh Wiggins, is going up against Sam Maloney, a part-time student, on this week's topic of college.

1. Where did poet Allen Ginsberg go to college?

2. What university has had the most alumni become U.S. presidents?

3. This school's fight song was written in 1885, making it the country's oldest. Name that school.

4. Name a movie that was partly filmed at the College of Charleston?

5. Beer pong is believed to have started at which Ivy League school?

6. Following Harvard, what is the second oldest college in America?

7. The first college football game was played between which two schools?

8. Which U.S. state has the most accredited colleges and universities?

9. What is the name of the town where Indiana University's main campus is located?

10. What was the name of the school in the TV show "Community"?

1. I'm thinking NYU?

2. Guessing Harvard.

3. Notre Dame

4. "The Notebook"

5. Which Ivy is a party school?

6. Yale

7. Harvard vs. Yale

8. New York

9. Bloomington

10. It's some community college.

1. Columbia

2. Harvard

3. No clue.

4. "The Patriot"

5. Brown

6. No clue.

7. Army vs. Navy

8. California

9. Bloomington

10. Greendale

Josh couldn't hold on to his newly claimed title, so Sam becomes our latest Head2Head trivia champ. He'll be back next week to defend the crown.

1. Columbia University

2. Harvard University

3. Boston College

4. "The Patriot," "Dear John," "The Notebook," "White Squall," "Cold Mountain," "The New Daughter," "O"

5. Dartmouth College

6. William & Mary

7. Rutgers College (now Rutgers University) vs. the College of New Jersey (now Princeton)

8. California

9. Bloomington

10. Greendale Community College