Collective brings together best of coffee, bagels

The steak and cheese hoagie from the Collective Coffee Co.

Here’s the thing about the Collective Coffee Co.: The title is textbook, completely on the mark.

The Collective is almost like a dreamy Super Friends creation, teaming a few of the folks behind downtown’s defunct Hope and Union coffee shop with the owners of the Bagel Shop on George Street. Heck, even Stuart Tracy of Butcher & Bee went in on the menu.

So, first, it’s no wonder that the bagel chips at the Collective are so good.

Second, it’s no wonder that the shop plays so well, as it gains from a think-tank of baristas, bagel brainpower and assorted talent.

Cheers to Liz and Sinan Aktar, proprietors of the Bagel Shop, for spearheading the effort.

Chief among their benefactors?

Mount Pleasant, as the Collective has settled into and revamped the digs formerly occupied by Bodacious Bagels in the Bi-Lo shopping center off U.S. Highway 17.

The stylings are solid, the shop giving way to an industrial, open feel, including banquette seating and a large, communal table set in the middle of the venue.

It seems a suitable place for Intelligentsia coffees and teas via single-pour brewing methods.

The menu features several winners, headlined by its baked-from-scratch pastries, breads and bagels.

Try the house-made chorizo sandwich ($7.25), kicked up with pickled jalapenos, eggs and avocado, or the popular steak and cheese hoagie ($8.75) with caramelized onions, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Alternating specials have ranged from meatball subs to blackened shrimp fajita wraps.

Plus, the Collective also smokes its own salmon, blending the fillets with salt, brown sugar, dill and other seasonings to help create a splendid lox recipe.

The notion seems to reflect the shop’s committed philosophy, which hopefully should inspire consumers for some time.