Christopher Day


Christopher Day was part of the first wave of “Star Wars” fans. He saw “A New Hope” at age 4 at a drive-in in Canada but then got hooked when “Empire Strikes Back” was released.

That Christmas he got all the action figures as a gift from his mom. He still has them, including several bounty hunters and certain Imperial bureaucrats.

He was in sixth grade when “Jedi” was released. The first trilogy was “foundational” for his generation, Day said. “ ‘Star Wars’ was kind of the only thing going on for kids,” he said.

On Christmas eve, Day, a College of Charleston political science professor, will put his 11-year-old son, Sam, in the truck with the Rebel Alliance sticker on the back and drive off to see “Force Awakens” as he continues the intergenerational “Star Wars” inculcation. It’s a cultural experience that parents and their children now can share, Day said.

“I’m just as excited about the new movie as he is, if not more.”

Adam Parker