Big Fake Wedding offers real perks for planners

Anchor and Veil Photography

It’s easy to catch wedding-envy in a town like Charleston, where ceremonies are held practically every few blocks on most spring weekends. We’ve all seen those picturesque brides and grooms on carriage rides, being whisked away to a ceremony at such scenic places as the William Aiken House. Who hasn’t fantasized about crashing something like that, especially if you’re in the middle of planning your own wedding? It’s tempting just to walk in, sample the food, maybe gather a few ideas. Unlike attending a wedding you’re actually invited to, you wouldn’t have to worry about gifts or mingling with not-so-mutual friends. Sound ideal? Then you might want to RSVP to the Big Fake Wedding, where all the guests are total strangers. Formerly known as the “NotWedding,” this event welcomes engaged couples to a vow renewal ceremony and reception, where wedding vendors, including catering companies and entertainment agencies, showcase their offerings in a very real setting. Tickets include a cocktail-style dinner, sparkling wine and a goodie bag to take home.

When: 7 p.m. Wednesday

Where: Harborside East, 28 Bridgeside Blvd., Mount Pleasant

Price: $25

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