‘Welcome to Night Vale’ podcast creators bring live version of show to Charleston Music Hall

(Alan Hawes/Staff/File)

The creators of “Welcome to Night Vale,” one of the most downloaded weekly podcasts since it debuted in 2012, will bring their stage version of the show to Charleston Music Hall on an 18-city tour across the country. While the performance offers stories that have not been featured on the program, it is still based in the eerie, fictional town of Night Vale, where mundane small-town life often intersects with supernatural mysteries.

The show is told like a community radio broadcast hosted by Cecil Palmer, played by Cecil Baldwin. The touring script, written by creators Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, is developed for fans of the podcast and audiences who have never even heard of it. It features several guest stars, a music score by Disparition and musical guests Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin.

When: 8 p.m. Thursday

Where: Charleston Music Hall, 37 John St., Charleston

Price: $25

More info: 843-853-2252 or www.charlestonmusichall.com