Architecture abounds in area

Middleton Place is one of the numerous spots around the Charleston area that has notable architecture.

One of the big events in Charleston this time of year is the annual Fall Tour of Homes and Gardens. Put on by The Preservation Society of Charleston, it offers visitors a glimpse into many of the private historic homes and gardens downtown.

In honor of the tour, we’re quizzing this week’s contestants on local architecture.

Current Head2Head champ Jane Gordon is being challenged by Tim Nichols, who is retired.


1. Middleton Place is an example of what style of architecture?

2. What is a covered porch traditionally known as in Charleston?

3. There are approximately how many historic buildings in the Charleston area: 800, 1,800 or 2,800?

4. Two of these three houses are in the Federal style, name one: the Joseph Manigault House, the Aiken-Rhett House or Drayton Hall.

5. Seen on the outside walls of buildings, these plates are often in the shape of stars, circles or crosses and are known as what?

6. Found almost exclusively on the peninsula, these buildings are one room wide with double covered porches and sit with the narrow part facing the street.

7. What is the unusual architectural feature of the staircase in the Nathaniel Russell House?

8. On what downtown street would a visitor find the famed wrought iron “Sword Gates”?

9. After the publication of this book, 58 Church St. became the most visited private garden in America.

10. Where are the oldest public gardens in America located?


1. Neo Classical

2. Veranda

3. 1,800

4. Aiken-Rhett

5. Earthquake bolts

6. Is it a Charleston single?

7. It’s the one that seems to just hang there.

8. Church

9. Something about Mrs. Whaley’s Gardens.

10. Magnolia Plantation


1. I’ll say Georgian.

2. A piazza.

3. 2,800

4. Aiken-Rhett House

5. Earthquake bolts

6. A Charleston single.

7. Doesn’t appear to have any support.

8. This will have to be a guess — Broad Street?

9. And this one I don’t know.

10. Magnolia Plantation.


This week Head2Head has a new trivia champ. Despite his initial skepticism, Tim didn’t do too badly with the architecture theme and will return next week to defend his title.

The Fall Tour of Homes and Gardens continues until Oct. 28.

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1. Georgian

2. Piazza

3. 2,800

4. The Joseph Manigault House and the Aiken-Rhett House

5. Earthquake bolts

6. Charleston single

7. It’s free-flying, meaning it doesn’t have any visible supports

8. Legare Street

9. “Mrs. Whaley and Her Charleston Garden”

10. Magnolia Plantation