What could be more fun than a beautiful November day spent watching fast horses, talking to your friends, noshing from tailgate parties and doing a little outdoor shopping? And don't forget the Ferris wheel.

Legendary American heroine that she is, there are certain things for which Harriet Tubman is overdue. One is her spot on U.S. currency: Google "Tubman" and "$20" and "Trump." Another is a major feature film based on her life: Google "Tubman" and "Hollywood" and "why so long?"

In 2004, Bravo aired a list of what they considered to be “The 100 Scariest Movie Moments” of all time. The list has since become a definitive countdown of macabre brilliance in horror movies, and given that Oct. 31 is the spookiest of all days, we have constructed a real haunted house of a quiz around some of the films that appear on that list.

Though the weather is fluctuating between autumnal and warm, there is no denying that we are finally in the fall season. Since our cover story in Charleston Scene is about all things fall, we thought we would continue the theme with this week’s trivia quiz. This quiz is on all things “fall.”

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