Charleston produces four James Beard nominees (copy)

Chef Sean Brock teamed up with alt-country troubadour Boo Ray for a 7-inch record inspired by a shared love of tattoos and food. 

Husk's Sean Brock is not just a James Beard Award-winning chef. Now, he's also a musician.

The Charleston celebrity chef (and apparently guitarist?!) collaborated on a Southern blues, alt-country album with deep-voiced honky-tonk troubadour Boo Ray. 

The duo teamed up over their mutual love of food and tattoos for a new 7-inch vinyl. It's part of Boo Ray's "Boocoo Amigos" series, where he's joining some of his favorite artists (whether that's on stage or in the kitchen) for a couple of duets. 

The record with Sean Brock includes two tracks, "Saint Misbehavin'" and "Soul Food Cookin'." The songs were both written by the duo, with Brock contributing on guitar and backing vocals, and recorded at Gold Cassette Studio in Nashville.

"With a heart of gold and a daredevil soul, he left this world before he was old," Boo Ray sings on the first track in his iconic tone, with Brock delivering some soft harmonies over a boot-stompin' beat. 

Then, we've got "Soul Food Cookin'", a song we all know Brock was behind.

"If push comes to shove, give me soul food cookin' love," Boo Ray croons, while Brock delivers some blues guitar lines. Grits, sausage and scrapings and collard greens work their way into the tried-and-true Carolina lyrics. 

Head to now to pre-order the 7-inch. The website's home screen is a photo of Brock and Boo Ray during their music escapade, which also serves as the front cover of the vinyl sleeve. 

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