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How much do you know about photographic history? Find out in this week's trivia.

Photography in New Orleans (copy)

“Freeman” (c. 1855), a daguerreotype by Felix Moissenet. This week, let's look at some trivia about this revolutionary technology that led to modern photography.

Today marks the anniversary of the daguerreotype, the first publicly available photographic process, patented by Louis Daguerre in 1839. Prior to his world-changing invention, collecting and storing images for later viewing was nearly impossible without the artist’s touch. With the streamlining of the medium ultimately came the ability for the common person to have a photo.

In the modern day, we don’t really think about how we can immortalize our favorite moments with an instant picture, nor that the tool we use fits in the palm of our hand. Due to that, let’s look at some trivia about this revolutionary technology.

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