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How much do you know about America's bridges? Find out in this week's trivia.

Brooklyn Bridge

Xiuquin Huang carries her grandson Ruize Yan beneath an umbrella as she walks across the Brooklyn Bridge with her daughter and granddaughter Rina Wu on July 24, 2016. File/Kathy Willens/AP

This week marks the anniversary of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge to the public in 1937. Perhaps because of their utilitarian design and their practical function, there is rarely a major deal to be made of bridges.

However, they are a major accomplishment of human engineering. Through the mastery of their form, we have been able to expand in ways our ancestors couldn’t have imagined.

Today’s trivia is a rundown of some of the famous bridges in America, as they are some of the grandest structures in the land. The least we can do is learn their names.

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