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How good are you at 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? Find out in this week's trivia.

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This week’s trivia celebrates the degrees of Kevin Bacon, from 0-6. (Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP)

Today marks the 63rd birthday of actor Kevin Bacon. If there’s one thing that Bacon is known for, it’s his acting resume. In fact, he has been so prolific that, some years ago, a game was developed to see just how he connects to all the other actors in Hollywood.

Although he was actually a bit put off by the game at first, thinking that it was a joke at his expense, he did warm up to the idea — even going on to launch a charitable organization that shares the game’s name. With that in mind, this week’s trivia celebrates the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, a concept in which Bacon is one a few steps away from connecting with almost everyone in the business.

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