It’s almost a rite of passage for anyone living in Charleston to have a Bill Murray sighting. There are entertaining stories of seeing him out at restaurants, sporting events, music venues and all along King Street. It’s fair to say that Bill Murray is Charleston’s most famous and fun resident. This week’s Head2Head trivia features our current champion Eric Schrader and Mary Jaffrey, who is a tax adviser.


1. In what comedy school and theater did Bill Murray get his start acting?

2. What year did Murray first appear on "Saturday Night Live"?

3. What was his first big feature film?

4. Murray played the character Carl Spackler in which film?

5. What actor’s nose was accidentally broken by Murray when they co-starred together in 1993?

6. How many times was Murray bit by a groundhog in “Groundhog Day?”

7. What was the first Wes Anderson film that Bill Murray appeared in?

8. Murray holds the title “Director of Fun” at what local establishment?

9. Murray is a co-owner of which local restaurant?

10. What is Murray’s most recent film?

Eric's answers

1. "Saturday Night Live."

2. 1979.

3. "Stripes."

4. "Caddyshack."

5. Dan Aykroyd?

6. Just one.

7. "Rushmore."

8. The RiverDogs.

9. Rutledge Cab Co.

10. "St. Vincent"?

Mary's answers

1. Second City in Chicago.

2. 1980.

3. "Caddyshack."

4. The one where he’s in the army?

5. Harold Ramis.

6. Four times.

7. "Life Aquatic."

8. Charleston RiverDogs.

9. Rutledge Cab Co.

10. The one where he plays Roosevelt?


Schrader, who sadly did not have any Bill Murray stories of his own to share, picks up another win and will return next week to face a new opponent.

Correct answers

1. Second City.

2. 1977.

3. "Meatballs."

4. "Caddyshack."

5. Robert De Niro.

6. Two.

7. "Rushmore."

8. Charleston RiverDogs.

9. Rutledge Cab Co. and Harold’s Cabin.

10. "Isle of Dogs."