"Morning Parade" by Jeff Jamison. Provided

The weather is, reportedly, cooling off. The pumpkin patch is full of orange gourds ready to be plucked and carved. Flannels are on the rack at TJ Maxx. It's fall, y'all.

And one of the first artistic ways to enjoy the season in Charleston is the October Art Walk, a one-night-only chance to wander in the (hopefully) crisp night air between downtown galleries, sip on glasses of white or red wine, and soak in this month's new exhibits after hours. 

Here are some of the exhibits that will be on display between 5 and 8 p.m. Friday. 

The Marketplace

art walk marketplace.JPG

"Keyhole, Marrakesh" by Rhett Thurman. Provided

Artist: Rhett Thurman; Gallery: Horton Hayes Fine Art, 30 State St. 

These paintings are inspired by Rhett Thurman's travels from Barcelona to Marrakesh to her hometown in Charleston. Thurman says she's always been inspired by the interaction of cultures and activities in marketplaces. "The vibrancy alone is constant from place to place," Thurman shares. 

Above the Radar

Artists: Adrienne Antonson, Townsend Davidson, Kat Hastie Williamson, Alice Keeney, Julie Klaper, Katie Leonard, Karin Olah, Joel Parker, Shannon Wood, Donna Cooper Hurt, Rebecca West Fraser, Nina Garner, Greg Hart, Alan Jackson, Salter Scharstein and Lauren Frances Moore Evans; Gallery: Redux Contemporary Art Center, 1056 King St. 

In collaboration with the Charleston Arts Festival, the "Above the Radar" group exhibit features the work of 16 local artists whose careers were launched with Charleston Magazine’s Under the Radar art competitions in 2006 and 2011. Viewers will be able to observe the growth in these artists' careers since being put on the map locally.

Body Language: Figures in Paint

art walk take it easy.jpg

"Take it Easy" by Samantha Rueter. Provided

Artist: Samantha Rueter; Gallery: Grand Bohemian, 55 Wentworth St.  

Samantha Rueter's new exhibit examines how and why we carry ourselves the way we do. The Charleston-based artist's contemporary figurative paintings capture the emotional narrative of body language: movement, gesture and posture. "The way we hold our body in space can be an unspoken language, a glimpse into our emotional state, a deeper understanding of who we really are," Rueter says. 

Bahamas Fundraiser

Artist: Gaye Sanders Fisher; Gallery: Gaye Sanders Fisher, 124 Church St. 

This fine art gallery is offering a silent auction during October's Art Walk for the benefit of the Bahamas. All money raised from the auction will go toward that effort. 

Island Hop

art walk island hop.gif

"Pink Sky" by J.K. Crum. Provided

Artist: J.K. Crum; Gallery: Mitchell Hill, 438 King St. 

J.K. Crum is known for his gentle surrealism, magical seascapes and figurative paintings, and this imaginative new series of island paintings is no different. The works feature exquisite detail and hidden images throughout colorful and elevated root systems, resembling islands. 

The Complexity of Simplicity

Artist: L'Oiseau; Gallery: W. Andre Allen Contemporary Art Gallery, 140 East Bay St. 

L’Oiseau is the newest artist at this downtown gallery, and his exhibit will be on display until Oct. 20, incorporating holes in the canvases that become part of the artwork. In some pieces, there is one circular hole. In others, there are multiple holes in the shape of squares or rectangles. It's simple art applied in a complex method, hence the exhibit name. 

People, Places & Things

art walk woman in the white dress.jpg

"Woman in the White Dress" by Kyle Stuckey. Provided

Artist: Kyle Stuckey; Gallery: Principle Gallery, 125 Meeting St. 

After a year of painting Lowcountry faces for his "50 Portraits of Charleston" project, local artist Kyle Stuckey jumped back into painting still life, landscape, cityscape and full-figure storytelling art. His new collection will be on display for this season's Art Walk. 


Artist: Ginny Versteegen; Gallery: Charleston Artist Guild, 160 East Bay St. 

This collection of mixed-media paintings was created using cold wax and oil paints applied with clay tools, palette knives, brayers and various shapes of scrapers. Edges and colors collide on canvas, inspired by Versteegen's plein air studies during a two-month cross-country trip out West. The wine served during the Art Walk at this exhibit will be from Abingdon Vineyards in Virginia, where she enjoyed painting this spring. 

Spaniel Season

art walk spaniel season.jpg

"Leave the Cat Alone" by Beth Carlson. Provided

Artists: Various; Gallery: Dog and Horse, 102 Church St. 

It's not just spooky season. It's also spaniel season, and the exhibit at Dog and Horse is embracing the theme with portraits of spaniels by a variety of artists. "With their pendulous ears, gentle expressions and affectionate temperaments, it is easy to develop a modern-day love affair with the dogs of this ancient breed family," the American Kennel Club writes in an ode. 

Abstract by Nature

art walk laura dargan.jpg

"More Than it Seems" by Laura Dargan. Provided

Artist: Laura Dargan; Gallery: Miller Gallery, 149½ East Bay St. 

For this solo exhibition by Laura Dargan, she has melded classic figure drawing and abstract minimalism together into a funky fusion where structured form becomes body. 

Summer Reflections

Artists: West Fraser and Mary Erickson; Gallery: Helena Fox Fine Art, 106-A Church St. 

Both West Fraser and Mary Erickson spend the summer away from their regular studio environments. While Erickson heads up to Maine with a group of artists to paint coastal landscapes, Fraser heads down to Costa Rica, where he enjoys peaceful studio time overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This is the showcase of the results of the artists' summer escapades. 

Everyday Romance


"Unfolding Skies" by Jeff Jamison. Provided

Artist: Jeff Jamison, Gallery: Ella Walton Richardson, 58 Broad St. 

Nostalgia rises to the surface in Jeff Jamison's paintings, which may appear to be in a particular city or space but are, in fact, a mashup of places he has been and wishes to go. His ambiguous art on canvas is created with a process Jamison calls "controlled chaos." 

art walk sunflowers.jpg

"Sunflower Rhapsody" by Anne Strutz. Provided.

Gestures of Light

Artist: Richard Oversmith; Gallery: Hagan Fine Art, 177 King St. 

North Carolina artist Richard Oversmith will be mingling with Art Walk-goers on Friday night among his impressionistic landscape paintings. His latest body of work includes Lowcountry and coastal scenes, European gardens and French villages. There will be an additional special demonstration 1-3 p.m. Saturday.

Sunflower Rhapsody

Artist: Anne Strutz; Gallery: Cecil Byrne Gallery, 60 Broad St. 

Guest artist Anne Strutz will be featured for the month of October at the Cecil Byrne Gallery. Her signature mixed-media sunflower paintings, created with a fluid mix of pastel, charcoal, ink and glimmering touches of gold, will be on display. Her textured works incorporate tools such as razors and bamboo skewers to rub or scratch the pigment on the surface. "Pastel allows me to be impulsive and react immediately to what's developing in each painting," she says. 


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