Emily Curtis

Emily Curtis will release new EP "Hindsight" on Nov. 10. 

Emily Curtis has been finding her way in the Charleston music scene for about two years now, navigating open mic nights and gigs at local bars.

An audience might catch the Mount Pleasant native three or four days out of the week performing at a variety of Charleston watering holes, blending pop originals with country covers. But now, she's coming out with her very own EP, "Hindsight," and we have the first early listen of track "Last Girl Standing."

Curtis began her live music journey in the footsteps of her musician father and then broke out into the gig circuit with fellow Charleston musician Page Fortuna. 

The upcoming EP, which will be released Nov. 10, was produced at Hybrid Audio Solutions in West Ashley and includes five tracks, one of which is already-released single "Battleshade" and another of which is this brand new exclusive release through Charleston Scene. 

"My dad is introducing me at 2, but he's really introducing this song," says Curtis of the beginning of the track, where the audio was pulled from a home video. 

"It's kind of a compilation of all of me and my friends' dating horror stories and just the stuff we talk about when you call your friend at the end of a date ... Some people just settle and get married really young here, and it gets tricky, but this girl in the song, she's not lacking anything because she's single and it doesn't mean she doesn't want to fall in love or get married. It just means she's not settling." 

Listen to "Last Girl Standing" below. 

Discover more about Emily Curtis at emcurtismusic.com, on Facebook at facebook.com/EmilyCurtis93 and on Instagram at @emcurtmusic. 

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