Elton John fan waits a long, long time for tickets

“I’ve always scored really good tickets at 10 a.m. when at that box office window,” said Oren Chace, who is camping out until Saturday for Elton John tickets at the North Charleston Coliseum.

Oren Chace remembers when rock was young -- and that's still how he rolls.

He got in line at the North Charleston Coliseum on Wednesday morning for Elton John tickets that go on sale ... Saturday.

Yeah, he's heard of the Internet, but he's not about to let some computer go breaking his heart.

"On the Internet, it's a little different," Chace said. "Sometimes you just have to grab the first thing that pops up. I've always scored really good tickets at 10 a.m. when at that box office window."

Going back to the 1980s, Chace has camped out for tickets 15 or 20 times -- Springsteen, Van Halen, all the big arena acts. He's spent a few nights outside North Charleston Coliseum waiting for Kiss tickets a decade ago, Bob Seger a few years back.

But he's never seen the Rocket Man.

"This guy, he's an icon," Chace said. "He's right up there with the Beatles, and Elvis."

Elvis was certainly an icon, but he never wore a Donald Duck suit on stage. Perhaps too subtle for the King.

Alan Coker, marketing manager for the coliseum and the Performing Arts Center, said there have been few people camping out for tickets since the Internet basically put a box office in every home with a computer. There were a few dozen who camped for Jimmy Buffett, but that's not the norm these days, he said.

"It's kind of an old-school thing to do," Coker said. "It's nice to see someone out there."

So Chace has a couple more days of letting the sun go down on him before he gets the chance to buy tickets for the March 7 show. He expects more people will show up and share a few old rock and roll stories.

He's only Levon for a few hours each day to go to work, and he'll have someone hold his spot when he does.

So if you talk to Chace today or tomorrow, he'll tell you the same thing: I'm Still Standing.

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