Charleston sisters and entertainers Gracie & Lacy have written the song we've all secretly been hoping for since that fateful day when one of our beloved local icons was swept out to sea, crashing into a dock and leaving us without a longtime friend and art space.

Yes, we're talking about the Folly Boat, which arrived during Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and was taken back out to sea by the floodwaters of recent Hurricane Irma. A gift taken away too soon, the Folly Boat was not only a public art space but something that brought our community together time and time again with its inspirational murals. 

In their typical wacky fashion, Gracie & Lacy have donned an acoustic guitar and sailor uniforms and written a true elegy to our fallen friend ... or maybe more of a fight song for the boat's uncertain future. 

Lyrics include the catchy chorus: 

"Brave the storm, ride the wave, don't know your love 'til you drift away. Fight the wind, feel the rain, find solid ground in a hurricane." 

Does it not bring a tear to your eye? Beautiful. 

The video features the duo singing at scenes along the marsh and on and under the Folly Beach pier. 

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Kalyn Oyer is a Charleston native who covers arts and entertainment for The Post and Courier's Thursday edition, Charleston Scene. She used to write about music for the Charleston City Paper and Scene SC.