Bye, Vinyl Countdown and hello, Graveface Records

The Peninsula's only record store at 724-B King Street has vacated the premises, but a new venture within the same genre is now being showcased at the downtown space.

Graveface Records, a Savannah original that's trying its hand in Charleston, is launching a pop-up set to last through the end of the year until the current lease expires. If things are looking up, the record store will stay put. 

But Graveface isn't just a record store. It's also a record label, an oddity shop and a brand that represents the macabre, the peculiar and the eccentric. 

In addition to selling vinyl, books and VHS tapes, the current Savannah store also features taxidermy and unique art and artifacts. The Charleston shop will be fitting the same theme as items are slowly being transported across state lines. 

Savannah shop manager Ian McCarthy says the space is still currently a work in progress after last Friday's soft launch.

"The Charleston shop will get more curiosities as time goes on," says McCarthy. "On a daily basis, Ryan is going back and forth from Savannah to Charleston. He takes more stuff with him each time: records, curiosities, oddities and some of our merch like t-shirts and enamels." 

He's referencing Ryan Graveface, the original shop founder and person behind the magical madness. The quirks are a part of the unusual brand. 

"From the start, that’s been a part of the Graveface shop mentality," says McCarthy. "There can be a record store just about anywhere, but we're offering a little more for those people not interested in record store, per se. There's something to be said about an oddity or curiosity shop that draws people in. In a way, we're a museum of oddities."

Charleston will discover those oddities bit by bit over the next few weeks as Graveface officially moves in. 

"We typically try to offer a unique selection of cocktail bitters as well as curiosities on display. Right now, we have one painting originally done by John Wayne Gacy," McCarthy says of the Savannah shop, referencing the notorious American serial killer.

The launch party for Graveface takes place Friday and will be a test to see how many locals are interested. The turnout will help determine if similar events will be held at the space in the future. 

At the event, there will be live music from Graveface band Closeness, a darkwave husband and wife duo with industrial tendencies.

In addition, the LP "Unsolved Mysteries: Ghosts/ Hauntings/ The Unexplained" featuring three of the popular paranormal TV show's theme songs, 29 ghost-related cues and the missing/wanted music, will be debuted and available for purchase. It's part of Graveface's mission to release obscure TV and movie soundtracks on vinyl and films on VHS. 

McCarthy says Graveface is hoping to team up with a local ghost tour business to host a paranormal outing following the event. 

So, Charleston, are we wondrously wacky enough to embrace Graveface in the Holy City? 

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Kalyn Oyer is a Charleston native who covers arts and entertainment for The Post and Courier's Thursday edition, Charleston Scene. She used to write about music for the Charleston City Paper and Scene SC.