Acoustic Open Mic Night at Freehouse Brewery (copy)

From breweries to dance clubs, the Charleston nightlife scene serves up something for every rabble-rouser. 

One would be remiss not to tout the extensive bar and nightlife scene of Charleston. The world-class Holy City food and beverage world filters into the post-happy hour time frame, which includes a whirlwind of tasty cocktails, top-notch craft beer, top-shelf tequila shots and dance-worthy live music.

From downtown clubs with DJs and dance floors to spinning stools lining the bustling restaurants and bars along downtown strips on Friday and Saturday evenings, Charleston's nightlife is teeming. 

As a college town, Charleston has a natural party scene built into the framework, but there is also a blend of young professionals out and about during the work week and tourists just trying to have a good time during their Lowcountry vacation.

Beach bars are full of both tiki drinks with umbrellas and local craft beers created at the abundance of breweries popping up throughout the Charleston area. Those breweries are also destinations in themselves, many with outdoor patios and games, from corn hole to giant Jenga. 

The dive bars on the outskirts are home for locals, while the Market Street corridor is a beacon for those with a heavier wallet looking for a more upper-class time.

King Street is for everyone, from college kids trying to find cheap beer to jazz patrons seeking out a stellar show. The neighborhood nooks outside of the Peninsula offer cozy hideouts and happening parties alike, depending on the place and time. Weekends are always a sure bet for full booths and standing-room beverage sippers. 

High heels clacking on cobblestones and uneven sidewalks, paired with suspenders and seersucker (or jean jackets and floral T-shirts— this is a hipster town after all), are typical nightlife noises and sights on the streets.

Meanwhile, pedicabs and Ubers wait for the 2 a.m. last calls, when the boozy beverages and dizzy dance floors shut down and leave street food vendors swamped with customers looking for a late-night snack. 

For a small city in the South, it's a vibrant city for venturing out past dark to find an adventure. There's surely one waiting. 

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Kalyn Oyer is a Charleston native who covers arts and entertainment for The Post and Courier's Thursday edition, Charleston Scene. She used to write about music for the Charleston City Paper and Scene SC.