Charleston's annual craft beer festival will not be returning in 2018.

Coming as a bit of a shock, Brewvival, last hosted by Coast Brewing Co. and Edmund's Oast in February 2017, has announced its end. 

According to Brewvival's website, the extreme growth of the craft beer industry, including an unprecedented amount of new breweries, is contributing to the event's cancellation. 

The site reads, "With all this amazingly positive progress, Brewvival can no longer maintain focus and properly showcase these breweries within the format they deserve."

While the website still has proof of preparation to launch ticket sales, formerly set to become available to the public on Friday, Nov. 25, the Facebook page has put a halt to all frothy hopes and dreams. 

The full Facebook post reads: 

"We would like to thank everyone for 8 years of Brewvival. You took our idea of the best beer celebration and made it a reality. When we started Brewvival, similar events were few and far between, which made it both a challenge and extremely rewarding that we could pull it off. 2 years ago we sensed a shift in it all and we knew it needed to evolve to stay relevant and meaningful, both for you all and us folks who put it on. After all, Brewvival is the beer festival we ourselves want, so it’s got to be good! This was not an easy decision but the reality is: there will not be a Brewvival 2018. We want to take some time to see if there are changes that can be made that we all would want to see.

All good things must come to an end, or so they say ???" 

Those question marks at an end are a little convoluted, giving us hope that Brewvival will indeed return, perhaps in 2019. But this year, pour one out.

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Kalyn Oyer is a Charleston native who covers arts and entertainment for The Post and Courier's Thursday edition, Charleston Scene. She used to write about music for the Charleston City Paper and Scene SC.