Scottie Frier

Scottie Frier played guitar with The Travelin' Kine for over two years. 

Scottie Frier teaches private guitar lessons out of Shem Creek Music in Mount Pleasant. He also toured with local Americana band The Travelin' Kine for the past two and a half years, plays with Charleston-turned-Nashville country artist Page Mackenzie, techs for Atlanta rock 'n roll band Drivin N Cryin and was the 2017 CPMA Guitarist of the Year. 

We asked him what his top 5 songs of all time were, and these are the results. 

1. The Allman Brothers Band, "Melissa"

I got into guitar in a weird way. Cingular Wireless had these commercials where, throughout the whole commercial, you'd see bars lined up, similar to cell phone signal bars. One in particular had beautiful chords and music behind it and I was drawn to the background music every time the commercial would play. 

One day my mom saw it with me and I asked what song it was. That was my introduction to The Allman Brothers Band and what made me want to play guitar. I love that song, and I love teaching it because it's fun to see someone's face light up when they make those beautiful chords.

2. Glen Campbell, "Gentle On My Mind" 

Glen's one of my favorite guitarists and musicians (a lot of people don't know he was a Beach Boy at one point, how cool is that?) and this song always puts me in a good mood. The lyrics are beautiful; what a sweet thing to say to someone. 

There's a video of him doing it live on YouTube where he's surrounded by the likes of Chet Atkins, Willie Nelson, and many other greats, but he takes a solo as the third verse as opposed to singing it, and the solo he plays is unbelievable. At one point, he even starts talking to the guy beside him while he's playing. The man was amazing, and this song was my favorite of his.

3. Elmore James, "It Hurts Me Too"

[Eric] Clapton's cover is amazing, Grateful Dead did a solid cover as well, plus many other artists have played this one. It's about a man tired of seeing the woman he loves get pushed around, and he's telling her "when things go wrong, go wrong with you, it hurts me, too." Great song in 1957, and it's still a great song.  

4. The Allman Brothers Band, "Statesboro Blues" 

Gregg's vocals are on point, Duane puts down one of the best slide guitar tracks ever and Dickey Betts plays an amazing solo. This song made me want to play slide guitar, as I'm sure it's made millions want to do.  

5. John Prine and Iris DeMent, "In Spite Of Ourselves" 

I'm getting married at the end of this year to a beautiful girl who is significantly out of my league (ask literally anyone who knows me). She's got the prettiest smile I've ever seen, and this song always makes her smile. Whether we're sitting around and I play it on one of my acoustics or if it comes on the radio in the car, this song always makes her smile. It makes my top 5 simply for that reason. Perfectly describes us. 

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