Shep Rose - Bravo's "Relationshep"

Charleston's Shep Rose stars in Bravo's new show, "Relationshep," premiering Monday Dec. 4. Provided/©2017 Bravo Media, LLC

Bet you thought you could get through this winter without a Bravo network show based in Charleston, on people from Charleston or even with people from Charleston visiting somewhere else. Not so fast.

One of Bravo's newest shows is a bit of a spin-off of "Southern Charm," the series about how Charleston socialites can have the same ups-and-downs and hems-and-haws as the rest of us — the cars and clothes may be nicer and the drinks may be fancier, but the personal disasters can be just as bad as ours. Except they are in tropical locales or at elegant parties with pools and parlors, with some extra pomp and perhaps the strangest of circumstance.

The new series, "Relationshep," stars local entrepreneur and ladies' man Shep Rose, following him around the country as he goes on blind dates, searching for love from New York to Los Angeles, with some stops in-between. Bravo's announcement references Rose's ticking biological clock; that at 37 years old, he has a goal of being married with two children by the time he's 40. 

Sounds like he needs to get crackin', right? When asked about the ambition of that particular objective, Rose said, "Time is not my friend. I’m going to need an extension, I think."

So how did those set-ups get worked out? "Friends in each city chose girls that might be good for me, which made it more organic and real," Rose explained. "That was something that was important to me. I don’t want to date a Craigslist killer by accident."

For those familiar with Rose from "Southern Charm," he can be pretty self-deprecating, which can have a down-to-earth and alluring quality. But, as viewers also have seen, he can sometimes switch from sweet to sour at a relatively fast clip. He's certainly not one to bite his tongue, so how will women from outside of the Lowcountry handle that kind of bravado? 

Interestingly, not all of the gals are left behind in their respective cities after a date. Based on the teaser trailer from Bravo, it looks like some of them come to Charleston to live in the same house. Yikes! And while that seems similar to the paradigm of ABC's "The Bachelor," Rose said he was "adamant" that it not be the same. "My original intent was make it be a heavily travel-based show, examining the region differences in dating and people in general."

Watch what happens on the series premiere at 10 p.m. Monday on Bravo. Follow @TheDizzyLizzieB on Twitter for live tweets during the episode. 

Click here for a little sneaky-peek into the series.

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