The Fringe

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You'll have to listen in to this week's episode of The Fringe to find out how Charleston's up-and-coming pop duo 2 Slices got its name. 

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2 Slices perform a song live in the studio for this week of The Fringe. 

Members Brandon Fudge (DJ Lazercat) and Danny Martin join us in the studio to chat more about their rise to local fame. We also listen to some new local music and get their feedback. 

In addition to our traditional weekly podcast this week, however, we have something new. If you want a sneak peek of the magic that is to behold in the entire episode of The Fringe, check out this rad video shot by Matt Crum featuring the duo's live session performance in the studio. 

For more information on 2 Slices, visit You can also follow the dynamic duo on Instagram at @2slicesofficial. 

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A moment of laughter occurs during the recording of The Fringe with 2 Slices. 

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