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Charleston 'art bites': Museum pug's artistic portraits get internet attention, plus new podcast

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"Art Bite" is the name of a new art-themed podcast by Dog & Horse Fine Art & Portraiture, and it happens to make a good theme for today's pup-themed arts happenings. 

grace green gown.jpg

Grace the Pug looking refined in her green gown. Provided

Pug Portraits

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A local pug has gotten the attention of the internet with themed shoots stylized after works of art. The Gibbes Museum's "Grace the Pug" earned her 15 minutes of fame during quarantine by participating in the #LifeImitatesArt and #MuseumChallenge on social media. Grace's cameo made it into a few different online articles and even a video. 

Grace has been dressed and posed to imitate works of art, from her elegant "Green Gown" portrait to her powdered wig reinterpretation of Jeremiah Theus' "Isaac Mazyck II." She's even wore her finest garments to double as Thomas Sully's painting "Mrs. Robert Gilmor, Jr." 

The pictures are masterpieces in themselves, if we do say so ourselves. 

Art Bite podcast.png

Dog & Horse Fine Art & Portraiture has started a new podcast called "Art Bite." Provided

Art and Animals Podcast

Dog & Horse has released two podcast episodes that local art and dog lovers can listen to now. The brand new podcast explores "art and animals," and the first two renditions both feature Los Angeles portrait painter Robert Henry.

Hyper-realism, vibrant colors and exquisite detail work their way into the conversation about style, while Henry's foray into art direction for film and television highlight the discussion about his background. His extensive travels arise as well. 

To tune in and subscribe to the new podcast, search for "Art Bite" on Apple Podcasts. 

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