Three shows for after the Fourth of July

“Dusk Shadows” by Judy Fuller

Summer is typically a time when life slows down, or at least we imagine that it will.

It’s difficult decompress in our schedule-oriented days. Hopefully your Independence Day celebration was a raging success, but you might find that after the last firework has exploded, the last hot dog and hamburger leftovers have been thrown out, and the American-themed paper plates are all shelved, you really need to decompress.

And there’s no better way to make that happen than by spending some time with quality artwork.

After all, the beginning of the school year is right around the corner.

If you missed the long-running exhibit by Erwin Redl at The Halsey Institute, you’ve got a few more days to check it out before it’s gone for good.

The exhibit, “Rational Exuberance,” is a heady show and stimulating sight for the eyes and the mind.

The name of the exhibit is taken from the phrase made by Alan Greenspan during the Dot-com bubble of the 1990s.

But Redl, an Austrian-born artist with an impressive list of credentials and exhibits to his name, turns the phrase into an exploration of binary logic and swinging extreme.

And there’s a stunning geometric light show that would put any firework show to shame.

Judy Fuller’s serene and naturalistic artwork was on display at last Friday’s ArtWalk and public opening at the Mary Martin Gallery, but her oil on canvas exhibit will be on display through the month of July.

Fuller is of Ojibwe American Indian heritage from her father and German heritage from her mother. And her artwork displays a passion and love of the natural world and the untold, hazy landscapes that surround us.

As an artist, she has the unruly task of taking the majesty and expanse of nature and compressing it into a two dimensional image.

Fuller takes the artistic sentiment of 19th- and 20th-century American painters and channels it through her individual aesthetic.

The result is an expressive and light-filled landscape that is rich with serenity and color, and a depth of character that only comes from a love of the work she does.

If you’re looking to get your art fix outside of a gallery, then drop by Urban Flow Yoga in downtown Charleston for the Friday night art show.

A drawing installation suspended overhead, “Tethered” is a solo show and art installation from Michelle Seay.

Black-and-white drawings of diverse subjects such as sharks, girls, Charleston cityscapes and streetscapes will be on display and available for sale from Seay, a local yoga teacher.

The show follows the yoga studios Happy Hour Flow with live music, so if you need the best of all worlds, come early for music and stay for the artwork. The camaraderie is free.