Lynne Riding

Lynne Riding

Lynne Riding is a local contemporary artist who taught studio art at the College of Charleston for 10 years and later served as a department chair at the Art Institute of Charleston for seven years. She continues to exhibit her work, recently in a solo show at the Corrigan Gallery and in an installation at Art Fields in Lake City.

Q: What’s your signature style?

A: Typical materials would be oil on canvas, wax encaustic and drawing with ink. I work in an investigative manner, using drawing in the landscape or urban environment as my basis and then moving to the studio for reflection and development. Although my work is of an abstract nature, it always stems from the place and surroundings in which I find myself, from color observed, a line seen in space, or the found object.

Q: Are there any messages you hope are conveyed through your work?

A: Major components in my work are issues of shifting perspectives, displacement, loss and the hope that drives us on.

Q: Where can we find your works displayed?

A: I am pleased to be awarded a solo show at Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, this coming December. My work can be viewed at the Corrigan Gallery or my website,

Q: If you could choose anybody — living, dead or fictional — to be your mentor for a day, who would it be and why?

A: I would choose Georgia O’Keeffe to go out painting in the landscape with. I love it out West and have painted on my own there, which can be lonely at times. I think she would have been quite a character to spend time with. She was intelligent, focused and very informed. I would love to have a conversation with her. However, I don’t think she would be easy.