Joseph Bradley, artist

Joseph Bradley’s paintings can be found at Atrium Art Gallery on Queen Street.

Joseph Bradley is a contemporary and abstract artist who lives in Greenville and spends summers in Charleston. His work is on display at Atrium Art Gallery, 61 Queen St. Bradley spoke with Charleston Scene this week about his successful art career.

Q: How would you describe your artwork?

A: Most of my subject matters center around nature. I begin my paintings with graphite on wood panel, adding oil paint, washes, glazes and metal-leaf. The overall effect is somewhat decorative and flat, yet upon closer look, I work in dimensionality. This produces a nice tension.

Q: How did you find your niche?

A: I grew up here in South Carolina. I took many hunting trips with my father and spent a great deal of time learning to observe nature. Those themes seemed to work best with what I was trying to communicate through art. As for my materials, my internship was spent with an art restorer who taught me the process of metal leafing (mostly used for frame restoration). Slowly, metal leaf started appearing in my work. And I was very interested in mixed-media painting at the time. My style is a journey, and I don’t believe I’ll ever really find my niche because I keep moving forward.

Q: Do you have any recent achievements that you’re excited about?

A: One of my paintings just made the cover of “Furniture Makes the Room,” published by Chronicle Books, authored by Barb Blair. Also, my art and home will be featured on the extremely popular website,, in February and March. I am super excited about this because it’s giving people a chance to see my home and how I like to put art together in a room.

Q: What are you inspired by?

A: I believe in making art that I want to put into my own home. I think that’s a lot of times how I know a piece is done, or if it’s any good. I simply ask myself if I would put this in my house. I genuinely believe that it makes life better.

Q: When you’re not working, you can probably be found ...

A: Spending time with family and friends.

My wife is a pretty amazing chef, so learning and talking about food is a huge part of my life. We love finding mid-century furniture, gardening (and) taking our kids on trips.

Abigail Darlington