Artist spotlight: Screen printing artist Todd Anderson

Screen printing artist Todd Anderson. Photo provided.

Todd Anderson is a local artist based at Redux Contemporary Art Center who specializes in screen printing with his small business, Charlietown Prints. A native of Greenville and a graduate of College of Charleston, Anderson has also worked as a licensed historian and carriage tour guide for more than a decade in Charleston.

Q: What’s your signature style?

A: Screen printing is the medium that gets along with every other. I really enjoy to spray paint the backgrounds of many of my prints and print on top of that. My style would fit under what some now call “pop surrealism.” That would be the genre most seen at a rock concert.

Q: How did you find your niche?

A: Growing up, I always wanted to make pieces of art that simply looked really cool. I would repurchase lost CDs for the album art, not for the music. Over the years my work started to have a little more substance drawn from my knowledge of Charleston’s history and other life experiences. Through Redux art center I am surrounded by wonderful artists such as Karen Ann Myers, Trevor Webster and others who taught me some tricks that helped the evolution of my artwork.

Q: Where can we find your works?

A: I’m very excited to be sharing the main gallery at the finale of Jailbreak on Oct. 10. Sean Williams, myself, and Patch Whisky will be displaying some of our work as well as hopefully doing a collaborative piece that will meld all of our styles together, which I think will have a nice harmony.

Q: When you’re not working, you can probably be found ...

A: Kayaking on Seccessionville Creek or playing softball.

Q: If you could choose anybody — living, dead or fictional — to be your mentor for a day, who would it be and why?

A: (Kurt) Vonnegut comes to mind first, but I’ve learned enough from him through his books. If it was one day to be a protege, I guess I’d pick Benjamin Franklin.

Q: What’s something you’re constantly running out of?

A: New music that I enjoy!