Artist comments on Walter Scott, other police shootings with reinterpretation of The Simpsons

Provided/Alexsandro Palombo

Alexsandro Palombo, an Italian artist known for his satirical images that often highlight social injustices, has turned his attention to the Walter Scott shooting and many other police shootings involving black victims with his latest work.

Parodying “The Simpsons,” Palombo created “We Are One, We Are All Human,” a series of comics that depicts the famous cartoon family as black individuals being chased, choked, and held at gunpoint by the TV show’s character police chief Clancy Wiggum. The cartoons were released on the artist’s Facebook page on April 8, the day after the video surfaced showing former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager shooting a black man, Walter Scott, in the back. The post said, “Black Lives Matter” and “Another black man falls victim to white cop shooting.”

A particularly shocking image is of Bart lying face down next to what looks like a toy gun in front of a billboard of Wiggum, who’s holding a gun next to the words “cops never sleep.” It seems to be a representation of the police shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland last year.

Others show the Statue of Liberty with a cone-shaped Klu Klux Klan cap on its head with the Simpsons standing in front of it, gagged with tape labeled with the words “I can’t breath.”

The series has since gone viral and has spread to dozens of blogs and online publications, with mixed reception by readers. One comment on his Facebook post on April 8 said “Very cheesy attempt at capitalizing on the death. Disgusting.” Others have applauded the message.

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