SAN FRANCISCO — The content-sharing site Delicious may not be on Yahoo's shrinking menu of online services much longer.

Although a final decision evidently hasn't been made, Delicious is on a list of services that Yahoo is planning to close after shedding 600 employees, or about 4 percent of its work force, this week.

An internal Yahoo slide containing the endangered list was posted on the Internet Thursday.

The presentation was shared through Twitter, the popularity of which may be one of the reasons that Yahoo no longer prizes Delicious as much as it did five years ago when it bought the site for an undisclosed sum.

In a statement, Yahoo confirmed that it will phase out several services in the coming months, without specifically mentioning Delicious. The company said it would provide more details 'when appropriate.'

Other services on Yahoo's 'sunset' list include MyBlogLog, Yahoo Buzz, Yahoo Picks and Yahoo Bookmarks.

They would become more detritus in a housecleaning that Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz began shortly after she was hired to engineer a turnaround nearly two years ago.

She has closed or sold a variety of unprofitable or little-used services so Yahoo could focus on other areas more likely to attract traffic and sell advertising.

Some of the priorities heading into 2011 include mobile, communications and local services.